Yoga Shy I have met so many people in my community and all over the nation that have told me that they are shy or embarrassed to attend a simple little yoga class…

Yes, it’s true… Even going to one of my Outdoor Yoga Classes.  Are you one of those?

You REALLY REALLY want to try it! You REALLY REALLY know it’s super good for you! And you REALLY REALLY know the benefits of stretching, breathing and taking time for yourself.  Are you one of those?

But something about not knowing how to do a yoga pose and being utterly humiliated in a group class just does not sound appealing.  Are you one of those?

Ha ha! Ok, I’m giving you a hard time. Maybe you are or maybe not and YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! But I might have a solution for you if you think you might be little “yoga shy”. Check this out:

Starting in January 2016 I began working with individuals (on a beginner to intermediate level) of all populations to get personalized, One-on-One Yoga/Flexibility Fitness sessions! Just you and me as you learn and guide yourself through the not-so-scary process of learning how to do yoga and to get your body and mind strong… Heart Pose

Just like a Certified Personal Trainer, (which I am! *whew*) I will work with you MOSTLY to ease your fears about doing yoga, increasing your flexibility and range of motion in your body. As well as muscle strengthening, help to correct imbalances and the best part: You get ALL of my attention! All in a comfortable, nurturing, non-threatening and sometimes humorous environment.

Check out my “Personal Yoga/Flex Training” page to get more details AND BENEFITS working with your own “Yoga Coach” and experience a serene way via the San Diego outdoor Elements to learn something you have always wanted to try! Click Below:

CLICK HERE to get un-shy about Yoga!

Continue reading below if you are a current student or client of mine and would like to leave a comment and share your experience learning Yoga in the beautiful San Diego Outdoors with me! I would LOVE to hear from you!