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Check Drew’s  Monthly Class Schedule HERE!

**All Outdoor Yoga Classes (Special events excepted) will be a $10 Donation. Thank you SO MUCH for all the amazing support!**

  • {NEW CLASS!!} Wednesday Mornings- @7am-8am: Special Event Yoga Class w/Drew at Meraki Cafe! Unique blend of Yoga and an Organic Tea/Coffee after class! (1734 Adams Ave San Diego CA 92116)
  • {ADDITIONAL CLASS}: 2 Saturdays a month “Sunset Yoga”. A restorative class at Coronado Beach, (Coronado CA, 92118) Please check the Yoga Class Schedule for dates, times and location!
  • {ADDITIONAL CLASS} Tuesday Evenings- @6:00pm at Old Trolley Barn Park (Florida St & Adams Ave, San Diego CA 92116)

To check current week’s schedule for possible class closures or reschedules due to inclement weather always feel free to email Drew anytime: outdooryoga@elementsintegrated.com


(Above flyer downloadable if you like our Sunset Beach Scene! 🙂 )

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