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There is a kind of revival of ancient understandings about energy healing in the light of modern science. “Laying on of hands”, which appeared in many times and cultures, is being discovered and formulated into healing techniques which are accessible to people in the present time. There are also more and more people who are spontaneously becoming aware of healing “gifts”. Like Drew recently did…

Energy healing promotes healing by enhancing energy flow and correcting disturbances in the “human energy field” or “aura” which permeates and surrounds the body. Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

As an attuned and Certified Reiki Practitioner, Drew’s intuitive healing and the Energy Healing Therapy works purely with the energetic level of our being. Since everything is made up of patterns of energy, working directly with energy influences the physical, mental and emotional, as well as the spiritual level. Energy healing is thus by nature “holistic”. Drew’s Energy Therapy Treatment works the same and uses similar techniques as the familiar Healing Touch & Reiki.

What Drew’s clients have said about Energy Therapy…


Just as we have a physical anatomy, we have also have an “energy anatomy”. The human energy field or “aura” surrounds and permeates the physical body. The physical bodyhuman_energy_field could be thought of as the most dense expression of the energy, and as only one of a number of bodies which comprise our energy anatomy. We also have “subtle bodies”, which are sometimes referred to as the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Benefits of Energy Therapy, Reiki & Healing Touch MAY include:

  • Creates deep relaxation and aids the body to release stress and tension
  • It accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities
  • Balances and aligns Chakras (Energy Centers of the body)
  • Aids better sleep
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Can help with acute (injuries) and chronic problems (asthma, eczema, headaches, etc.) and aides the breaking of addictions
  • Helps relieve musculoskeletal pain, muscle/joint pain relief
  • Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony
  • Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins
  • Reduces some of the side effects of drugs and helps the body to recover from drug therapy after surgery and chemotherapy
  • Supports the immune system
  • Increases vitality and postpones the aging process
  • Raises the vibrational frequency of the body
  • Helps spiritual growth and emotional clearing

Cost per treatment:

  • $80/hr
  • $100-$125 (Mobile Sessions: at your home, place of work, or on location outdoors; Beaches, parks, etc…)

Sessions are typically 1 hour. Depending on clients individual needs sessions can include Muscle TENS*, Sound Therapy, Crystal Therapy and relaxing music. Indoor sessions include aromatherapy (if desired).

(Please ask about active & veteran military discounts!)

  • $20/15min (Chakra Balancing/Alignment Session! A peaceful, relaxing mini-session also known as “Emergency Reiki” done seated in a chair and can be done in private session or mobile!)

(No discounts applied for 15 min Chakra/Emergency Reiki Sessions)

*(TENS) Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation: Noninvasive therapy device used predominantly for pain relief, most commonly for people with musculo-skeletal pain, such as chronic back pain or knee joint arthritis. TENS has also been used to treat migraine headaches and fitness/sports injuries. It is used in conjunction with Drew’s Reiki-Energy Therapy.

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