Kind and loving words about Drew’s compassionate and enthusiastic services from some of his amazing clients and students!

Healing Energy Therapy w/ Drew:

commonplace_titlepicI recently had the awesome opportunity to have a Healing Energy Therapy treatment from my yoga instructor and good friend Drew Parales.  While attempting to working through a very difficult and emotionally unbalancing time at my work I found I needed help.  I was totally depleted and unable to do anything good for myself.  I’ve never experienced something like this before in my life!  Done in a comforting and safe surroundings I found it very easy to let go and let Drew be my guide to release the bad and let the good energy do it’s work.  It’s very hard for me to allow myself to be vulnerable but I found it extremely easy with Drew as he guided me into the healing process.  I also felt a very strong presence of love and understanding from his angels.  I will do this again soon!  I felt rejuvenated and strong after the session and it stayed with me for several weeks. Thank you Drew!  I love that you are there to nurture and guide me through some of life’s misunderstandings and mountains.  Love you Drew!!

– Patti S, Spring Valley CA.

commonplace_titlepicI can’t believe how light I feel after getting the Energy Therapy! The guy barely even touched me. 🙂 I felt so at peace and I could feel the warmth and loving energy coming from Drew’s hands as he worked on different areas on my body. I was blown away at how I felt during and how I felt after. Just like a hands on massage. My neck and shoulder pain are dramatically reduced in just my first session! I feel relaxed, loved and better yet in the process of healing. Thank you so much Drew. Your hands are magical and a real gift!

-Anonymous, San Diego CA.

commonplace_titlepicI came home and had some bad news that my daughter just found out that she had breast cancer. Can you imagine hearing those
two awful words.  I developed a horrible migraine and my neck became stiff and I was not a happy person. I started to cry and I was beside myself.

By the grace of God, I called Andrew Parales, I told him the story, and his kindness is always so amazing. He had me lie on the floor and close my eyes and I do not know how or why, he sent the most wonderful soft and gentle messages and somehow I could feel the heat from his hands covering me and for a short time I felt a wonderful calm. My migraine and my stiff neck disappeared. This is awe inspiring. I had the best sleep and I woke up hours later then usual the next morning, and I just can’t believe what a great gift he has.  He is fabulous and fantastic and I am sending Andrew to see my daughter while she is recovering to help her with her pain after cancer surgery. Thank you Andrew!!

-E. Lipschultz, San Diego CA.

commonplace_titlepicIt’s like you are a “Psychic Surgeon”…. My back pain is gone and my blocked energy feels released!

-Dr. C, Los Angeles CA.

commonplace_titlepicDrew, You are very encouraging and have a kind and calming manner. You made me feel very comfortable…

-S. Brown, San Diego CA.

commonplace_titlepicI have had the great opportunity to have a few Energy Therapy sessions with Drew . They have really been amazing and so helpful for me to release some major stress that I have been dealing with . The breathing techniques alone have helped me tremendously and have used them in my daily routine. I will be signing up for more sessions right away!!

-Jennifer T., San Diego CA.

commonplace_titlepicAndrew has a wonderful gift and we are SO lucky that he is willing to share with us and anyone else who wants it. I have participated in his Outdoor Yoga Classes, Meditation/Breathwork Classes and Healing Energy Therapy sessions. The Outdoor Yoga is absolutely therapeutic and refreshing. His calm demeanor and no pressure, “no perfection allowed” attitude makes it easy to keep coming back. The Healing Energy Therapy session was so relieving! I didn’t notice it right away but I did notice later on that I felt much calmer and less “on edge” as the days went by. I was able to free up some energy blockages that I had and am looking forward to clearing up some more on my next session!

-Lucy, San Diego CA

Outdoor Yoga Classes w/ Drew:

commonplace_titlepicThe best Yoga instructor ever! Thanks Andrew. Felt the love today!

-S. W., San Diego CA, (via Facebook)

commonplace_titlepicI truly enjoy attending Drew’s Outdoor Yoga Classes. It is a little bit different each time and there is always a nice flow. Drew creates an accessible and relaxed atmosphere where it’s easy to feel comfortable, let go, and really get a good stretch. That combined with the beautiful and refreshing surroundings of our parks and beaches makes for a rewarding experience. Thanks, Drew!

-JL, Chula Vista, CA

commonplace_titlepicFrom his practice to his persona, Drew is the type of individual that spreads light everywhere he goes. His therapeutic yoga classes allow you to step back from reality and just emotionally detach as you step onto your mat. He is not only one of the most genuine person you could ever meet, but to say he’s someone whose vision is to uplift others would say the least about him. A healthy lifestyle is his practice, but to love and care for others is his gift. <3

-Rio Sison, Spring Valley CA.

commonplace_titlepicCheck out one or all of this guy’s awesome outdoor yoga classes! Nothing more refreshing and cleansing than stretching and breathing in the fresh air! LOVE these classes. Perfect for anyone who has NEVER done yoga before or hasn’t done it in forever, and perfect for you fellers out there because it’s always a mixed group! Loosen up yer bones y’all!!!

-Yoga Student/Facebook User

Fitness Training/Weight Loss/Elements Integrated w/ Drew:

commonplace_titlepicWork with Drew! It will change your life!!

– T. Price, Toronto Canada

commonplace_titlepicDrew has worked with me for a little over a year. I first started training with him for a 10k run along with a group of friends. After unintentionally losing a bit of excess weight, I decided to continue training with him and incorporate the other elements of wellness he offered. Drew knew when to incorporate each element so it was not overwhelming for me. Scheduling appointments was easy and I appreciated his reliability and promptness with communication. As a fitness and wellness beginner, I also appreciated his patience and kindness. During sessions I always felt encouraged and supported, not forced to do anything or judged about anything. There was often a fun element, too! I have learned and value so much from working with Drew. Through practicing yoga I have learned how to practice mindfulness. Reiki Therapy has also improved my level of anxiety and is helping with other emotional issues. I recently completed my first Half Marathon, thanks to training and nutrition coaching from Drew. He showed me how to use these tools to take better care of myself. All of the “Elements Integrated” have helped me to shift my perspective and significantly improve my quality of life!

-Jonelle Lindsey, Chula Vista CA.


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