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Jan. 2018 Yoga Class Schedule!

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For info on the Yoga-Fitness Classes, upcoming classes and to Download the Flyer, CLICK HERE!

Cost per drop-in class:

  • $10 Donation per student. (Except Special Events.)
  • Class time 1 hour
  • All major Credit/Debit Cards accepted; With a very minimal .50 service fee

**(Please note: Complimentary classes are not redeemable with Special Event classes, or with Energy Therapy/Reiki, & Nutrition Counseling sessions.)**

** PLEASE NOTE: Classes are subject to change times, dates, locations and content. Classes are also subject to cancellation due to inclement weather conditions..Please check back occasionally to confirm times & locations**

New (Updated) Yoga Class Ad 2017!

There you are! I think the flyer speaks for itself.

What do you think of the updated flyer for our Outdoor Yoga Classes?

–>Click Here: For the Monthly Class Schedule!

So beautiful. Just right. (A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Satomi Yuinawa- my Ad and Graphic Designer who is a part of my team on Elements Integrated!!)

I LOVE YOU Satomi! You are SO amazingly talented. I am so grateful you are here!

As you can see, there have been a just few changes…

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Sunset Yoga: Beach Style w/ Drew

If you have ever wondered what Yoga on the beach looked like, here you go!

The snap shot here of my students in this article was taken during one of our sunset sessions at famous Coronado Beach, Coronado California in San Diego County.

This class is a restorative one, using Yoga sequences and poses that are restorative to the spirit and mind. Flexibility and fitness techniques that are strength and balance building for the body!

I integrate all the above and also include breath work techniques along with a healing, guided meditation at the close of class, just after the sun has set into the Pacific Ocean.

Our class is one hour with students facing the ocean and sunset, using the natural elements of the sand, sea, sun and air to bring strength, balance, restoration, and peace to each of the students and practitioners that attend!

The price per class is an AMAZING $5.00 donation, (feel free to contribute more, should you please, and earn more good karma!), and we meet at this point in time 2 times a month on Saturdays one hour before sunset…

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