There you are! I think the flyer speaks for itself.

What do you think of the updated flyer for our Outdoor Yoga Classes?

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So beautiful. Just right. (A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Satomi Yuinawa- my Ad and Graphic Designer who is a part of my team on Elements Integrated!!)

I LOVE YOU Satomi! You are SO amazingly talented. I am so grateful you are here!

As you can see, there have been a just few changes…

I’m sure that you noticed a price update as well. And there is a great reason for that…

As most of you know, I also have a Full Time day job with the San Diego Unified School District. And without getting too into the politics and glass ceilings of the district, this is what I can tell you and actually HAPPY to announce:

I have begun the process and transition of taking my private practice, “Elements Integrated”, a little more Full Time!!

And eventually, I would to create, teach, coach, advise and provide healing therapies FULL TIME! And one of the things I have to do as a Practitioner, is make some changes and that does mean graduating (LOL) and lovingly charge for my services:

  • Outdoor Yoga Classes
  • Healing Energy Therapy (Including Healing Touch & Reiki Techniques)
  • One-on-One Beginner Fitness Training
  • Sport & Whole-Food Nutrition Counseling
  • Mindfulness/Meditation Therapy

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All of you have been SO supportive and I cannot thank you enough… Even at the new $10/class donation fee, it is still way below the average fee of drop-in classes all around San Diego. AND- you get to do them Outdoors, taking all of natures elements, oxygen, sounds and energy.

I believe that we have an amazing and connective class. Thank you all so much for being there and supporting our class. As well as the San Diego Humane Society, to which I still donate a portion of the proceeds from the class to. Our local animals in need!

Please feel free to download and print the flyer as well as share it out to your loved ones, friend and family. We LOVE meeting new friends and students in our awesome class!