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There’s No CNN At Disneyland??

IMG_3270I get asked all the time; “Why do you go to Disneyland so much?”

My usual answer is , “Well, I like Disney and  I like the rides!” Or another answer is, “It makes me happy to  be there…” Then I REALLY thought about this and other things in my life while trying to retire for the evening. And then I came across items on the internet that struck a chord, seeing all the headlines and posts about the latest goings on in the world.

A lot of it is not pretty. Not happy inducing. Even scary. I thought A LOT about WHY a place like Disneyland brings me happy…

Here are my personal reasons on why “The Happiest Place On Earth” is my choice and why it means so much to MY life…

Just for 1 day: There are no politics, religion, hate, threats, war, discrimination, privilege, elitism, racism, sexism, ageism, criticism, bullying, homophobia, misogyny, passive-aggressiveness, dictatorship, protests, divisiveness, slanted headlines, narcissistic attention garnering posts, or hashtags.

There is no Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Kardashians, Colin Kaepernick, Vladimir Putin, or Kim Jong Un. There is no Fox, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or Cable News.

No Left… No Right.

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Not Into “Yoga”? Think Of It As…

OK so you may not be a fan of what we call, Yoga… Too “woo woo” for you.  Not interested in grabbing your foot behind your head, (not that I can do that either) or hearing the term “Downward Dog” makes you think you should have a bowl with your name on it on the floor while you do it. For you it’s not about the “connection”. You just want to get healthy and pick up the keys you dropped on the floor without throwing your back out into the twilight zone.

So for this lesson, lets just call it… stretching.  How’s that? 🙂 “Stretching” has SO many benefits.  Just start a program of stretching, and you’ll soon notice many of them.  Some of the benefits of stretching are:

  • relief from pain
  • increased energy levels
  • increased flexibility
  • better range of motion of the joints
  • greater circulation of blood to various parts of the body
  • relaxation and stress relief
  • enhanced muscular coordination
  • improved posture
  • greater sense of well-being
  • GREAT compliment to a weight training routine!

–>>Click HERE to workout and practice w/me at my Outdoor Yoga/Stretching in San Diego!

Increased flexibility and range of motion:

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Cancer And Enzyme-Rich Raw Foods

Here is a GREAT article I read from the increasingly popular website, “The Truth About Cancer”.

It follows my food and nutrition philosophy of having a bigger percentage of your diet belonging to raw food nutrition. I was drawn to this article for a NUMBER of reasons,High-Enzyme-Foods and the awesome pineapple here, (an enzyme-rich natural food) is something I eat everyday. SO yummy in my organic post-work out morning smoothie!

Check out the article below (many thanks to the people at The Truth About Cancer.com!) to see how you can begin the healing and prevention of cancer:

Keep Cancer at Bay with Enzyme-Rich Raw Foods

Eating is clearly an essential daily activity and what you eat is vitally important. However, did you know that how you eat your food can have a huge impact on your health and even your risk of cancer? Raw foods can be highly beneficial and contain essential enzymes and minerals necessary to thwart cancer, improve health, and deliver the energy that most people desire.

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are amazing protein molecules responsible for breaking down food (digestion) and converting it to energy (metabolism). Moreover, enzymes are phenomenal living entities. Thousands of enzymes are located within every cell, ever ready to perform biochemical tasks.

Interestingly, enzymes do not get used up, but rather can be transformed from a metabolic enzyme to a digestive enzyme, or excreted from the body through fecal matter. Thus, the challenge is to have enough enzymes to handle the demands of digestion, metabolism, detoxification, and elimination.

Cancer and Enzymes: the Role of Raw Foods

No two people process their food alike or eat the same foods every day. Thankfully there is a plethora of plant-based foods offering the biodiversity to meet the enzymatic demand for the billions of biochemical reactions required for each human being…

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