Here are some details on Drew’s Personalized ONE-on-ONE Beginner Fitness Training & Nutrition Coaching!


**PERFECT for those who are shy and/or tend to get lost or frustrated about going to gym trainers or large group classes!**

I personally enjoy working with individuals one on one to help make the most our or their fitness practice to maximize their time and purposeful-ness (I made that up!) while learning flexibility, muscle strengthening, endurance, range of motion, fitness and breathing techniques!

We’ll train outdoors in the fresh air at the parks, beaches, bays, mountains or hiking trails in San Diego! Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1 Hour Personalized One-on-One time with your own “Fitness Coach”
  • A free lifestyle and physical assessment
  • Outdoor training location(s)
  • BEGINNER Level Training to learn proper range of motion, increased flexibility, improve balance and stability
  • Personalized Flexibility stretches using Yoga poses
  • Breathing techniques
  • As an active (weekly) One-on-One Client: ONE FREE Yoga Class Entry Per Week to the Outdoor Yoga/Flex Group Classes! 🙂

Cost per beginner training session:

  • $65-$80
  • All client sessions are facilitated outdoors at parks, beaches, etc.

Note that most sessions are geared toward the beginner and are 1 hour. Sessions are wonderfully customized per individual client needs. No prior experience is needed.

Bring extra towels, water, yoga mat if you have one. A small snack for after work-out (if desired).

**Please ask about active & veteran military discounts!


One of the most important aspects to optimum Fitness and Wellness is of course, good nutrition! It is KEY for working out, losing weight, running races, other sporting events, and the energy to do all of that! Most importantly, Nutrition (specifically Whole Food Nutrition) is also KEY for a strong immune system to fend off diseases, environmental and metabolic toxins, awesome digestion, great looking skin and the best part in my opinion: KEEPING THE BLUES AWAY! (Did you know that up to 85% of your serotonin receptors are in your colon? Your Gut- that is.)


Even for athletes, a whole food diet really does work! CHO (Carbs) loading really is doable with organic grains, legumes and pastas. FOR REAL!

Drew’s Certified Sports and Whole Food Nutrition Consultations and Coaching can support you on your path to great performance and wellness! With Drew you’ll learn:

  • Personalized Substrate Nutrition for your goals
  • How organic and whole food consumption affects your body and mind
  • Education on food labels and the added ingredients in the foods you eat
  • Learn that you are in control of what you put in your body to make it optimal
  • How to lift depressive states of mind through whole food nutrition AND MORE!

Cost per counseling/coaching Nutrition session:

  • $50-$60
  • Sessions are 1 hour and can be held anywhere! On location, cafe’s, parks, etc.

Sports and Whole-Food Nutritional counseling is customized per individual need. Please bring a journal or notebook and something to write with!

**Please ask about active & veteran military discounts!

To make an appointment with Drew for a FREE consultation on Personal Beginner Training, Sports & Whole-Food Nutrition Sessions, please send an email to him to the address below and he’ll get right back to you!

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